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Isaiah Udotong is Co-Founder of Shield, Ancient Warriors NFT, Releaf. As a co-founder of Shield, we help organizations leverage blockchain to reduce their risk and grow revenue streams. We build cutting-edge solutions for our clients suited to have them lead in a transforming decentralized world. Our work not only fortifies individual people but entire organizations. My career has been defined by a penchant for bold action, working with globally dispersed teams, and pursuing groundbreaking innovation. I'm an MIT engineer who loves to build as a disciplined entrepreneur. I am a graduate of a16z Crypto Startup School, YCombinator, and I've built startups to 8-figure revenues. I've also been honored to serve in governance roles for organizations consisting of 1000s of YC founders managing over $50M in Assets Under Management, coordinating large groups of world-class executives, and honing strategic operational insight.

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