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Kinto is an L2 focused on providing safe access to financial services. Safe, decentralized and KYC-compliant. Kinto is the first KYC'ed Layer 2 capable of supporting both modern financial institutions and decentralized protocols. Blockchain technology has the potential to improve all financial services drastically. You can now create more efficient services that are non-custodial, decentralized, and free of rent-seeking middlemen. However, all these benefits are dwarfed by the constant scams, smart contract hacks, and rug pulls plaguing the industry. If these problems are insufficient, the current UX forces users to safeguard and manage complex cryptographic keys or risk all their funds. More than $30B was lost in 2022 alone. Kinto is the first blockchain network designed to address all these problems at the root to support a new wave of secure financial applications.

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