Kokoa Finance, Stable coin in Klaytn.

Kokoa Finance

Stable coin in Klaytn.


Kokoa Finance Introduction

Kokoa Finance is the First Yield-generating Stablecoin on the Klaytn Network. Collaterized by crypto assets. Every KSD is backed safely by the collaterals managed via CDPs. Kokoa Finance adopts a two-token system: KSD and Kokoa. KSD is a crypto-collateralized decentralized stablecoin. Minting KSD requires the deposits of the collaterals in CDP worth more than the value of the minted KSD. The LTV(Loan-to-Value) ratio of a CDP must be lower than the Maximum LTV Limit set by the governance, which will initially be 45%, and if the ratio exceeds the Minimum Liquidation Threshold, say 60%, the collateral assets in the CDP will be liquidated. Through this mechanism, the system can maintain the value of each KSD. Kokoa is a governance token for the Kokoa DAO. Kokoa DAO is a decentralized organization whose mission is to manage the sustainability and soundness of the KSD monetary system. By staking Kokoa, users can participate in Kokoa DAO's decision-making process and earn governance rewards.

Kokoa Finance Investors