LionDEX, Decentralized Crypto Derivatives Trading Protocol.


Decentralized Crypto Derivatives Trading Protocol.

LionDEX Introduction

LionDEX is the PvP-AMM protocol for perpetual futures trading, transaction fee as low as 0.008%. Revenue is 100% distributed by the community. Explorers Labs (Developer of LionDEX) is building the next-generation encrypted trading protocol by using decentralized network (Layer 2) to improve the trading experience and significantly reduce transaction costs to create a more efficient and fair trading environment. At the same time, the value of the protocols can be shared through smart contracts with the users. LionDEX provides perpetual futures services for multi-chain decentralized derivatives. The innovative "PvP-AMM" protocol that is based on "point-to-pool" allows for quick response to trading instructions that completely eliminate trading spreads. The protocol charges extremely low transaction fees (a minimum of 0.008%), without any lending and holding fees. The "PvP-AMM" protocol maximizes capital efficiency (100% margin value x expected leverage), reduces traders’ reserve ratio and significantly increases liquidity providers’ annualized rate of return. At the same time, LionDEX's original stop loss insurance provides traders with professional-level trading aids.