Lucidly Finance is a structured credit protocol for onchain working capital. We create indexes of on-chain credit positions including the LP tokens on curve, pendle, morpho, balancer, silo and more. These indexes are structured on a fixed rate and fixed term basis to price them on an exchange venue. Lucidly aims to revolutionise liquidity management by enhancing the experience for both depositors and issuers through its innovative pool-to-peer model. This unique approach involves strategically matching lender deposits with compatible borrowers. Lenders can be LPs, investors, and so on, while borrowers may include protocols or other market participants seeking affordable liquidity or leverage. A pool-to-peer model is the most straightforward way to bootstrap liquidity on the protocol during its early stages. This is what we call structuring a loan - different allocations require different risk premiums, Lucidly provides a platform the market to negotiate exactly that.