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Mecha Tracker aims to be the most complete, easy, and friendly one-stop shop in the Aurora Network. The idea started as we detected the biggest problem to date on Aurora. Most of Aurora's projects are siloed from one another. There is no easy way to know your consolidated balance or current position sizes without actually visiting each website individually and understanding what is happening with your portfolio. Unfortunately, performance is usually still left to an old-fashioned excel spreadsheet. The idea of Mecha was born to solve that. Mecha has an already working portfolio visualization platform that aggregates all LPs, tokens, farms, and positions that a user may have associated with their wallet and displays it on a seamless interactive dashboard. Mecha aims to be that tag on Aurora DeFi users’ browsers that’s open perpetually, with all the functions and information they need to build their own portfolio. Hence, Mecha will become a critical part of the Aurora Network ecosystem instantly.