MUSE0, An Internet museum created by an alien.


An Internet museum created by an alien.

MUSE0 Introduction

MUSE0 is a museum DAO created by an alien and curated by artists and collectors. Today, NFTs often float aimlessly across the Internet, lost in a sea of tweets or trapped on commercial platforms and marketplaces. There is a lack of institutions built to cultivate, gather, and enshrine NFTs so that they have a more permanent home. MUSE0 will reflect the ethos imbued by Cryptopunks. It is flat, participatory, and more expansive than earlier art institutions. It will not be run by a small group of experts, but rather by artists and collectors that have laid down the foundation for the growing and expanding NFT movement. MUSE0 is pure in focus—centered on community, support, and charity—and not on monetization. It will collect NFTs, but not sell them. Not only will MUSE0 have a presence in the digital world and in various metaverses, but hopefully over time it will create a physical presence too. MUSE0 aims to give a voice to those often neglected by the art world, due to the color of their skin, their nationality, or their sexual preference. In MUSE0, these underrepresented artists can help select and curate the new generation of great works, helping to reimagine the increasingly ossified institutions of the industrial age and presenting to the world a more comprehensive vision of the future. With all of us together, MUSE0 hopes to not only reimagine the means of creating digital works, but also the very manner in which these works are stored, displayed, and preserved.