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nodl enables you to connect to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network so that you can verify and process payments without having to rely on any intermediaries. nodl runs uncensored, you are free to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It enables you to operate near-instantaneously at a fraction of the cost of doing business with classic payment options. nodl comes in a solid metal enclosure. Plug it in and within 3 clicks you are downloading the blockchain. Choose nodl and join hundreds of early adopters around the globe, who are building a better future. Run your own nodl and experience financial sovereignty. nodl started – as all serious professional endeavors do – at the local bar. That specific one happens to host the local monthly bitcoin meetups. That’s how we, Ketominer & Askuwheteau, met a few years ago, around a few drinks and a pile of electronic devices (and cables – lots of cables) that were blinking like a Christmas tree. Very different backgrounds: infrastructure and hardware expert on one side and financial markets professional on the other - laid the basis for intense discussions about bitcoin, politics, economics and all sorts of other topics (ok…mostly motorcycles). All along we felt a common understanding and unwavering belief that we had an opportunity to contribute to bitcoin. Eventually we figured out that we would do so by bringing nodls to you; in order to share our certainty that financial freedom can – and should be – accessible to all. This goes without saying that luckily you have been spared the “franken-nodls” that paved the way for all of this.

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