NovaSwap is an innovative multi-chain assets aggregated AMM DEX built on zkLink Nova that offers ultimate security, multi-layer yields, and fair distribution. NovaSwap is innovative in that users can trade a diverse array of digital assets originating from multiple blockchain networks within a single DEX platform. NovaSwap ensures ultimate security by adopting the well-tested core code of Uniswap v3 in addition to being built on zkLink Nova, which inherits the security of Ethereum through zkLink Nexus’s multi-chain settlement technology. NovaSwap offers traders the ability to earn multi-layer yield through LSDs, LRT points, Nova Points, trading fee rewards, and $NOVA rewards. At NovaSwap, our mission is clear: to prioritize community empowerment over traditional investor interests and reserves. We're committed to fostering a fair distribution model via fair launch which targets to place community at the forefront of our endeavors.