Building a regenerative city economy in Oakland, powered by city3.


OAK Introduction

OAK is building a new economic platform to empower Oakland communities to strengthen themselves financially and socially. We organize workshops & educational events in Oakland, hosted by Oakland community leaders. Our goal is to create beginner-friendly & accessible spaces for Oakland residents to learn about & explore crypto, with a specific focus on people & communities that have historically been at the margins of technological change. We empower community members to direct community funding to the nonprofits and causes that they care about most. Instead of relying solely on philanthropic or outside donations, we encourage a more community-funded support model. Our intent is to create new pathways for community self sufficiency. We create a cheaper payments network, allowing more of each transaction to go to the merchant and towards supporting community. Our network represents values aligned merchants for Oakland residents to support. In the future, we will plan to offer competitive lending to local Oakland businesses.

OAK Investors