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Optic is building an AI-based protocol for validating NFT content authenticity across all chains. Optic monitors blockchains to reveal the origins of any NFT and how it’s been reimagined, remixed or copied. Protect your community and inspire authentic collaboration. The magic of an NFT is what it inspires. The doors it unlocks, the passionate communities that form around it and the ways it can be endlessly reimagined and remixed. Optic gives people superpowers to look across the internet and see how far any NFT has traveled and how it’s changed along the way. So if someone falls in love with what you’ve made and creates incredible art with it, you’ll know. And if someone crops your image and claims it as their original work, you’ll know that too. But we don’t police what happens next. We leave that choice to the communities who create, love and trade this content. We know the power of that choice. We’ve seen companies hoard it, earning billions by policing creativity. So we want to put that choice back in the hands of the people who’ve built this ecosystem. Our mission is to bring transparency to the media on blockchains so all communities can realize their creative and economic potential. We have been working at the intersection of technology and media for more than fifteen years at places like Google, YouTube and Eora. We have seen firsthand how machine learning and computer vision, when used appropriately, can unlock new forms of creativity and bring economic windfalls for everyone involved. But this time, instead of keeping this knowledge to ourselves, we want to set it free. Because we see a rare opportunity to create true trust around content, who owns it and what can be done with it. This sort of trust is only possible when it’s shared and our ambition is to build an open protocol that delivers deep content understanding and transparency to everyone developing for the blockchain. A protocol that supports community driven moderation and allows communities to decide for themselves what policies to enforce.

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