Ordinal Council

Ordinals Council, the recognized authority on everything related to Ordinals. We are a diverse group of CEOs, Venture Capitalists, Founders, and veterans in the digital asset space with the unified goal of accelerating the Bitcoin adoption and supporting its evolution in Ordinals & BRC20. Currently, our council boasts 20+ high-profile members, both doxxed and undoxxed, and has a maximum seat limit of 100. Our members are distinguished by their individually inscribed orange profile pictures, symbolizing their contributions to the council. In our collective pursuit to shape the future of Ordinals, we have established a manifesto that guides our actions and interactions. This manifesto, which we refer to as the authoritative guide for the Ordinals Council, is a testament to our shared principles and objectives. By adhering to this manifesto, our council members pledge their commitment to uphold the values of decentralization, innovation, and egalitarianism that are integral to our vision.