NFT offering for trade.


PaperclipDAO Introduction

In 2005, blogger Kyle MacDonald started with a paperclip and traded it for a pen, the first in an incredible series of trades that ended with him trading for a house. Items he traded for along the way include a hand-sculpted doorknob, a snowmobile, a year’s rent in Phoenix, and an afternoon with musician Alice Cooper. It’s an amazing story and even an archetypal one---an old Buddhist folk tale tells of a man who traded from a single piece of straw until he had a rice field. The Legend of Zelda’s “trade up” quests took inspiration from this classic story, as have others. With the incredible diversity of NFTs available today a similarly magical tale is possible. So let’s create it. Come trade with us and let’s tell the story of some amazing NFTs along the way. 
 Today we are offering up our first trade which is, naturally, a paperclip. More specifically it’s a “$Paper/$Clip” NFT for a redeemed Uniswap position.

PaperclipDAO Team

Jackson Dame
Justine Humenansky
Iain Nash
Matt Condon
Mariano Conti
Jesse Walden
Diana Chen
Matt Stephenson

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