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There's $550 Billion stuck in pre-Internet paper, plastic, & manual processes. The Financial Revolution is here. Get your money faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. Next-gen B2B Payment Engine. Seamlessly accept electronic payments in your invoices, website, billing systems, and mobile applications. Our gateway intelligently routes between multiple payment methods (eCheck, ACH, Credit and Debit Cards) to create more choice, speed-up tracking and simplify reporting. It's money movement democratized. Smart Financial Automation. Enterprise payments are more than just transactions. With our platform, you can finally digitize your receivables and move your manual financial processes to the cloud. Imagine automating your transactions, creating faster time-to-cash, full 3-way reconciliation, real-time analytics, recurring billing and lowering your DSO. Sophisticated Human Experience. An enlightened interface designed by people for people. Every PayStand account comes with a beautiful admin dashboard, intuitive reporting, and an elegant checkout experience. Finally, financial software built for the digital age. Disruptive Business Model. Introducing a better way: Payments-as-a-Service. The payment industry's first value enhanced, SaaS deployed model. Instead of giving up a percentage cut of your transactions, we offer flat-rate plans that will reduce your costs and increase profit margins. Full Spectrum Customization. Stop compromising. One size does not fit all in B2B. PayStand gives you full control of your process, is easy to customize with your own branding, and has powerful APIs to embed our full payment suite within your existing systems.

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