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Peter McIntyre is working on Nontrivial Pursuits, helping talented teenagers work towards solving important problems in the world. Formerly, Director of Operations and Philanthropy at Alameda Research. I've started 2 non-profits that raise millions of dollars per year, ran operations at one of the most successful crypto startups, and advised hundreds of graduates from top universities on how to find a fulfilling, impactful career. Before founding Non-trivial, I spent most of the last 5 years at 80,000 Hours, a non-profit that provides free online research and personalised career advice. I started out in medical school. After I discovered some of the ideas on this website, I realised I could have a much more scalable impact outside of seeing patients but by that point, I'd spent 7 years studying to be a doctor. I created this website so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

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