PolyLand, The future of Play & Earn virtual environments.


The future of Play & Earn virtual environments.


PolyLand Introduction

PolyLand is building its own version of a decentralised iteration of the internet - the metaverse. It combines the best of innovative blockchain technologies with gaming to create a fully immersive metaverse experience. It is powered by a Play&Earn ecosystem and is built on the Polygon blockchain. Polyland's virtual worlds are created by veteran developers using Unreal Engine 5 - a powerful real-time 3D creation tool for immersive experiences. Legend has it that PolyLand disappeared during the pre-historic times only to reemerge as a mysterious island with multiple explorable worlds. Using their unique Avatars, players on Polyland are able to explore the it's worlds, complete mini-quests or compete against each other to rank highest on the PolyLand's worldwide leaderboard or just simply take some time off to relax and hangout with other users.

PolyLand Investors