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PolySign's custody solution supports the full spectrum of digital assets and is designed to scale to trillions under management. PolySign's digital asset custody platform is a step-function above other solutions. Leading blockchain architects Arthur Britto and David Schwartz designed PolySign's solution for securing digital assets. PolySign is a Bay Area startup which develops software solutions for institutional digital asset custody. PolySign was founded in 2017 by a team of experts in both financial services and cryptocurrencies. On the business side, our CEO Jack McDonald was formerly CEO of Conifer Financial Services, a top-tier global financial services firm. On the technical side, our team includes Arthur Britto (co-founder of Ripple) and David Schwartz (Ripple CTO). Ripple is a digital asset leader working with financial institutions around the world. PolySign’s objective is to become be a leader in the growing digital assets space by providing institutional-level custodial and infrastructure support to a broad array of asset managers and exchanges. We believe that a secure, global, multi-currency, accessible solution is not only achievable but is also a requirement in order for digital assets to realize their full potential. At PolySign, you’ll have a significant impact on both our company and the broader success of digital assets. Our team is currently small; you’ll have significant impact on the company’s culture and strategy. Our industry is quickly evolving with no clear consensus on what the future market requirements will be; with PolySign, you have the opportunity to help shape the future. If you are looking for an opportunity to innovate and collaborate in a firm whose culture is built upon candor, trust and accountability, please contact us.

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