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World's most widely adopted data-transport-layer connecting blockchain applications to external context. Enabling the shift of traditional services such as finance, gambling, and insurance into decentralization. Attestation-as-a-service. Qualcomm, Amazon, Intel, Google, Microsoft. All those Companies are exploring the field of attestation techniques - building environments that match the higher security level developers and enterprises are looking for. Oraclize leverages all innovative technologies out there to offer “attestation-as-a-service”. We deliver the data you need along with an authenticity proof - a cryptographic guarantee showing that the data has not been tampered with. A specific application of our service is for the blockchain context - a reliable connection between smart contracts and the Internet. Our service is platform-agnostic and provides access to all the major smart-contracts capable platforms out there (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rootstock, Eris and private networks). As a company, we think that the auditability of the off-chain part is as important as the auditability of the on-chain one, which is provided by the blockchain by design. Our approach aims to reduce the amount of trust involved by providing data in a blockchain-ish way.

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