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Silencio is a community-powered network that rewards users for providing hyper-local noise pollution data. One of the largest DePINs, building on peaq. Silencio aims to become the largest citizen science project in the world in order to combat noise pollution. The app allows users to share their surrounding sound level (dBA) and earn rewards for doing so. Users can also monetize their data when it is sold. By using Silencio, users have the opportunity to create a passive income while also improving the quality of life for themselves and others. Silencio aims to collect hyperlocal and real data from its users, which can then be commercialized for use in various industries, including real estate, the gastronomy and hotel industry, the well-being industry, the insurance industry, governments and city planners, and academic institutions. With sufficient data, Silencio hopes to make a significant impact in the fight against noise pollution and improve the quality of life of millions of people across the globe.