Sleepagotchi, Collectibles for your sleep.


Collectibles for your sleep.

Sleepagotchi Introduction

Sleepagotchi rewards users for keeping a consistent sleep schedule with digital collectibles. It is an app that rewards users for meeting consistent sleep goals with digital collectibles and tokens called Sheep. In Sleepagotchi, users enter their target bedtime and wake-up time. Users then get different levels of rewards depending on how close their actual bedtime and wake-up times were to their target. Sleep duration and consistency are also rewarded. In Sleepagotchi, every user creates their virtual bedroom called MetaRoom in the app with a bed, rugs, posters, storage, and setting, which themselves are digital collectibles. Each collectible in the MetaRoom can be traded with other users for Sheep. All digital collectibles have different characteristics and Power levels. More rare and powerful items reward users with more Sheep. On the iPhone, sleep is tracked through integration with iOS Apple Health. Sleepagotchi imports sleep data from the user's iOS device and bases rewards on it. Rewards can be earned by users who wear wearable devices to track sleep like Apple Watch, WHOOP, Fitbit, Oura ring, or any other device. Users without a wearable device can also receive rewards if they have "Sleep" mode enabled on their iOS device but receive a slightly smaller reward. Sleepagotchi is an app inspired by collectible and incremental ("idle") games like Cookie Clicker. At its heart, Sleepagotchi is an idle game that gamifies a healthy sleeping habit with powerful gamification techniques.

Sleepagotchi Investors