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The Solana ecosystem is growing extremely fast with new-comers to the space everyday. Many of whom are priced out of the OG, Bluechip projects purely by luck of timing when they discovered Solana NFTs. SMU appreciates all of our University Alumni who have moved on to create their Monkey Businesses, and we are now welcoming a NEW, equally awesome community of Solana Monkeys! University is that time in life when things are simpler, and care free. You can spend every day hanging out with friends or making new ones! With amazing people brought together with superb artwork, and an EPIC roadmap, SMU is set to become a long-standing institution on the Solana Network. An Insane, Intelligent, Rowdy, Athletic, Geeky, Cool, Funny, and Dangerous New class of Solana Monkeys at University! On the 16th of December, at 8pm UTC, 3,333 new students will enroll into the Solana Monkey University. Each SMU student is a unique and programmatically generated 3D Monkey PFP. There are millions of possible combinations, generated from 7 attribute categories, including: background, monkey type, clothes, hats, mouth, eyes & ears. Whilst we have been inspired by a number of projects, the biggest inspiration is from the SMB’s. None of our NFT’s will be 1:1 replications of SMB’s (unless requested by the original SMB holder) & as a recognition to the original project, following launch we will be airdropping SMB’s the “yearbook” version of their monkey.

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