BUILD DEFI ON BITCOIN LAYER 2 SOLUTION DESIGNED TO UNLOCK THE FULL POTENTIAL OF DEFI ON THE WORLD’S MOST SECURE BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK. StratoVM is Layer 2 Solution Designed to unlock the full potential of DeFi on the world's most secure blockchain network. The rise of DeFi has showcased the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionise financial services. However, the existing DeFi ecosystem primarily operates on the Ethereum network, which has scalability limitations and high transaction costs. Meanwhile, Bitcoin offers unparalleled security and decentralization but lacks smart contract capabilities and suffers from scalability constraints. StratoVM aims to bridge this gap by offering a highly scalable and secure Layer 2 solution built on top of Bitcoin, designed specifically for DeFi applications. StratoVM leverages Optimism codebase and implementing a modified version of the OP Stack, StratoVM brings smart contract functionality to Bitcoin, enabling developers to build applications on the most secure and widely adopted blockchain network.