TAOevm is the Bittensor TAO Layer 2 Solution for Enhanced Blockchain Efficiency. The TAO EVM Blockchain Platform is a unified infrastructure platform based on the technical, traffic and ecological resources, and will be gradually open to the blockchain industry. It will make the construction of decentralized applications more efficient and cost-effective, and provide comprehensive empowerment in aspects of promotion, traffic, and resources. The TAO EVM Blockchain Platform is an EVM compatible blockchain who solves the biggest problem of Dapp industry. The TAO EVM Blockchain Platform will provide global developers with series of diverse innovative facilities and services. TAO EVM Blockchain's vision is not only to be the best public blockchain, but also to focus on the discovery and support of high-potential developers and innovative projects. Relying on the world's largest trading ecosystem, TAO EVM Blockchain is committed to becoming the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses, and building a complete ecological loop of technology development, application promotion, and trading.