TaxNodes, Crypto Tax Calculation Done Accurately.


Crypto Tax Calculation Done Accurately.

TaxNodes Introduction

TaxNodes is a Crypto Accounting and Taxation enterprise, has been set up to solve the large and growing problem of compliance and internal controls in the Crypto eco-system, elements which are a must for the maturity of the industry. TaxNodes is building a global product for the retail Crypto investor and trader, to enable them to establish their profitability from Crypto assets held across multiple exchanges and to accurately estimate their tax liability. As we move forward, we aim to build solutions for Crypto Exchanges and Government institutions, who are struggling with internal controls and automation. TaxNodes has been set up by Avinash along with a group of Crypto experts and backed by industry veterans, who collectively bring in 40+ years of Crypto experience. Before setting up TaxNodes, Avinash was the CEO & CFO of ZebPay - one of the largest Crypto exchanges in India.

TaxNodes Team