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The Alpha Factory, which operates on Polygon, facilitates the curation of unique crypto insights among individuals while incentivizing truthful participation through a peer consistency mechanism. It is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where contributors get paid to curate early crypto projects and subscribers pay to have access to a curated feed of high-value crypto projects. The core idea of The Alpha Factory is to bring together those two types of individuals Fortunately, DAOs provide some of the necessary tools to create incentives for such a system to thrive. For instance, curators should put some effort into the task of increasing the quality of the feed to attract more people willing to pay, since they share the generated profits. The Alpha Factory's goal is to become a fully decentralized on-chain system. To ensure privacy, information is encrypted and only accessible to those with the right NFT. All voting and participation mechanisms are recorded on-chain.

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