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The Internet of Blockchain Foundation is an independent organization with one goal in mind; to foster innovation and adoption of more secure, safe and private decentralized resources. In 2017 the IOBF came into existence, spearheaded by blockchain entrepreneur Matteo Gianpietro Zago; founder of Essentia.One, the first working Web 3.0 protocol and interoperability framework. The IOBF is a legal entity registered under the Netherlands jurisdiction, allowing for the registration of members, donations and operations in accordance to the advancement of the Web 3.0. Our mission is to foster the adoption of and transition to the Web 3.0, a user-centric web where users fully own their data, identity and digital assets. The decentralized web is defined by the following standards: Persistent, Not-Corruptible, Privacy-Focused, Anti-Censorship, Language Agnostic, Host Agnostic, Fault-Proof and Future-Proof.

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