If you’re in the trenches like throbby I can guarantee that you are being overloaded with information. There’s no shortage of trades in crypto. It’s a 24/7 casino that never stops, someone out there is always working, looking for the next big play. Alright so how do we win, if you’re like throbby you want to crush the competition and make the most PnL possible, missing trades hurts like you’ve been stabbed by a hurling dagger thrown by Bellatrix Lestrange as you apparate Harry and his friends to safety. To win we must be EARLY , earlier than everyone else. But you could follow the best gem diggers in the world, be in every tg chat known to mankind, wallet track but if you can’t properly separate signal from noise its worth shit. So over the years throbby has developed some heuristics that help process information quickly, as well as in actioning possible 2nd/3rd order effects. This is always a work in progress, a traders job learning is never finished. Like yoga it is a practice, ever evolving, and throbby will evolve with you through substack and twitter.