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Toshies by legendary pixelartist Chuckchee. Exclusive partnership with Opensea. Chuckchee is a skilled pixel artist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He started drawing at the young age of 5 and fell in love with pixel art later on, using it as a way to express himself. Chuckchee is known for his diverse, humorous, and inclusive art style, as well as his pioneering work in the NFT space. His art is highly valued by major companies and has over 9500 unique NFT holders on his previous collections including Alpacadabraz. In addition to his successful career as an artist, Chuckchee is also a practitioner of Buddhism and incorporates meditation into his creative process. This spiritual practice helps him to bring a unique energy and vitality to his art. Chuckchee is a true visionary, consistently pushing the boundaries of art and technology.