Unlockit is a proptech & govtech company that is disrupting the market by making the transactional process of buying, selling or renting a property more digital, streamlined, transparent, collaborative and secure for everyone involved whilst ensuring it is fully compliant with the latest EU legislations (eIDAS, AML6 & GDPR). We are building a permissioned DLT solution that will transform mediation business operations with an unique approach based on transparency via interoperability, data integrity via strong authentication and automation via smart contracts orchestrating commission payments based on predetermined conditions and also allows better monitoring of exclusivity agreements. Having a this integrated solution with our UX/UI will enable us to increases transparency, reduce bureaucracy and costs, automate contract terms fulfilment, share sensitive and authenticated information and streamline commission payment benefitting the entire ecosystem. That is our mission. Finally, our DLT platform will offer to public and governmental bodies the guarantee that everything within a real estate transaction is recorded, meaning a better industry regulation, more taxes and public fees collected, and less overall fraud and money laundering activities. On top of these benefits, a permissive DLT can and will stimulate more transparent transborder real estate transactions which is very attractive for countries like Portugal who desperately need foreign investment.