UpRock is the premier DePIN network fueling AI, your mobile-first, people-powered, data rewards network. Discover UpRock, the mobile-first, people-powered data rewards network with over 1 Million users and gaining 10k installs daily. In just two minutes, start auto-earning and auto-staking rewards and access AI-discovered deals by simply sharing your idle internet. World-class rewards program in the making: UpRock aggregates and abstracts the best depin rewards and offers the most effective onboarding experience to Web3. Empowering developers: UpRock enables developers to leverage a vast open data network of real device peers, accelerating the development and distribution of real-time AI tools and apps. Partnership power, mobile-first growth: UpRock's partners include Koii Network, Synesis One, and Cube Exchange to accelerate network demand.