Wallex TRUST is the technology-driven trust service provider for financial infrastructure solutions for exchanges, payment-gateways, platforms, OTC desks, broker-dealers, crowdfunding portals, real estate platforms, stable coins, anti-money laundry procedures, compliant client onboarding and a wide range of white label solutions for any aspect of your business. As a Custodian and Trustee for a wide range of personal and corporate trusts, we provide services such as holding fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital and non-digital assets, tokens, real estate, private business ownership interests, and managing transfer of funds, investment of funds, escrow services and special trust requests. The security and protection of our services and clients are our foremost priority. Therefore, as a regulated Fintech company, we follow strict Anti-money laundry procedures and review the upmost detailed KYC procedures, following the laws and regulations in every country we perform our operations.