Way Network, Zero-Knowledge Omnichain Interoperation Protocol.

Way Network

Zero-Knowledge Omnichain Interoperation Protocol.


Way Network Introduction

Way Network is Zero-Knowledge Omnichain Interoperation Protocol. It achieves the interchain asset and data zero-knowledge interoperability based on zkRelayer, ZK Verifier, IPFS, Sender, and Receiver. Way Network is a universal solution to enable interchain transaction with trustless and valid delivery. It's the first chain-wide interoperability protocol that provides a powerful low-level communication primitive on which to build various sets of cross-chain applications. With this new primitive, developers can implement seamless cross-chain applications, such as cross-chain DEX or multi-chain revenue aggregators, without relying on trusted custodians or intermediate transactions. Way Network enables direct transactions across all chains trustlessly. Allowing transactions to flow freely between chains provides users with the opportunity to consolidate decentralized liquidity while also leveraging applications on independent chains. With Way Network, we provide the network architecture underlying the fully-connected omnichain ecosystem of the future.