Crypto VC

Faculty Group - CupherHunter

Faculty Group

Provide a range of bespoke solutions to digital asset companies.
Jsquare - CupherHunter


Jsquare Empowers Future Alpha.
Borderless Capital - CupherHunter

Borderless Capital

Powering Borderless Economy.
Coinbase Ventures - CupherHunter

Coinbase Ventures

Empowering The Open Financial System.
Lvna Capital - CupherHunter

Lvna Capital

Seeking Value in the Blockchain Ecosystem.
Collab+Currency - CupherHunter


Collaborative Fund roots + cryptocurrency focus.
CMS Holdings - CupherHunter

CMS Holdings

Focused on making investments across the cryptoasset ecosystem.
Dragonfly Capital Partners - CupherHunter

Dragonfly Capital Partners

Global from day one.
Three Arrows Capital - CupherHunter

Three Arrows Capital

Founded by Su Zhu.
Polychain Capital - CupherHunter

Polychain Capital

Hedge Fund investing at the Protocol Layer of Web 3.0.


The best research and insights in crypto.
Genblock Capital - CupherHunter

Genblock Capital

Exclusively invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
Hypersphere - CupherHunter


Co-founded by Jack Platts.
SPARTAN - CupherHunter


Asia-based blockchain advisory and investment firm.
Robot Ventures - CupherHunter

Robot Ventures

Hosted by Robert Leshner.
Delphi Ventures - CupherHunter

Delphi Ventures

The Journey of Delphi.
DeFiance Capital - CupherHunter

DeFiance Capital

Invest in DeFi eating traditional finance.
Sino Global Capital - CupherHunter

Sino Global Capital

Young, Volatile and Growing Market.
MetaCartel Ventures - CupherHunter

MetaCartel Ventures

Crypto will rise, and it will do so with full might.
1kx - CupherHunter


Decentralized Token Economies Will Transform The World.
Lattice Capital - CupherHunter

Lattice Capital

Invest in early crypto protocols and projects.
Maven 11 - CupherHunter

Maven 11

Blockchain Investment Fund.
Distributed Global - CupherHunter

Distributed Global

Blockchain based Digital Asset Management.
G1 Ventures - CupherHunter

G1 Ventures

Blockchain VC with practical approach.
NGC Ventures - CupherHunter

NGC Ventures

Co-founded by former NEO Council guys and financial market veterans.
Double Peak - CupherHunter

Double Peak

Investing is part Art and part Science.
Blockchain Capital - CupherHunter

Blockchain Capital

The foremost investors and advisors in the blockchain industry.
Framework Ventures - CupherHunter

Framework Ventures

We build products and services to support open blockchain networks.
JRR Crypto - CupherHunter

JRR Crypto

Composed of a group of believers of block chains philosophy.
Digital Strategies - CupherHunter

Digital Strategies

Utility token investments and advisory.