1Self.World is a Web 3.0 blockchain technology-based startup that started with the goal of helping everyone encounter the world as themselves. We want to create the most popular service by connecting Web2.0 and Web3.0. The problem we are trying to solve is the inefficiency of the advertising marketing market that occurs because individuals do not own data. We aim to provide a platform where users and advertisers meet directly by allowing individuals to own the data, channels, and profits monopolized by the platform. Using SBT (Soul Bound Token), which cannot be transmitted or traded using Web 3.0 technology, information on personal tastes and interests is recorded on the blockchain and stored in a personal DataBase so that users own their own data. Advertisers can target users (Web3.0 Identity) based on SBT tokens and digital assets and directly engage with users through groups based on SBT and NFT. The wallet is not simply a tool to store assets, but becomes a media (Wallet as a Media) that connects users and advertisers. All processes are carried out through blockchain-based smart contracts, and rewards are paid in tokens of the blockchain mainnet. 1Self.World focuses on services and provides wallet functions without issuing its own tokens.