2MR Labs

2MR Labs

Empowering Businesses Through Web3 Technology.


2MR Labs Introduction

2MR Labs recently rebranded from TRX Labs to 2MR Labs (pronounced as "Tomorrow Labs"), with a goal to become a dominant player in the Web3 space. 2MR Labs strives to become Asia's premier NFT launchpad company by helping businesses maximize their potential with Web3 technology through provision of strong backend support to achieve long-term sustainability. 2MR Labs is led by Arthur Lin (Founder of Action X), Takahiro Irie (Top 50 World Iconic Artist 2013) and Zee Zheng (Co-Founder of SpaceChain), who are extremely well-versed in blockchain technology, Web3 creation, and management of in-real-life events. 2MR Labs maintains strong partnerships with SpaceChain and Action X, with exciting plans already in the pipeline.

2MR Labs Investors