ABCDE Capital, We invest in builders of the future.

ABCDE Capital

We invest in builders of the future.

ABCDE Capital Introduction

ABCDE Capital is a Web3 fund built by builders for builders, co-founded by huobi cofounder Dujun and former Internet & crypto founder BMAN. We are builders, entrepreneurs, influencers and the most valuable partners behind the builders. ABCDE is led by former founders, entrepreneurs, developers, CTOs of successful technology companies. We’ve built our companies, so it’s our vision to back more builders of the future world. We have our teams in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Beijing bridging the ecosystems of the east and west. Our LPs and partners include the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange and well-known infrastructures in the crypto industry. We hands on to support builders from end to end from marketing, community relations to engineering and ecological construction.

ABCDE Capital Portfolio