Adam Ho

Adam Ho, I.S.P., is the independent studio practice of Adam Ho, a designer raised and based in Queens, New York. As a graphic designer and image maker, he places emphasis on delving into the nuances of protean, generative and intuitive brand identities, as well as showcasing those findings through exploratory interaction design and emerging media. His motivation for the practice is to research the interplay of art and design, taking notes and chords from different canons of the past, the present, and the interpretation of the future. This can be observed through his project, Liquidities, where creative expression and the ability to experiment with different approaches of art and technologies form a symbiotic relationship with his personal and commercial work. Design clients and collaborators include Artifact, EigenLayer, Medium, Airbnb, Square, Messenger, Dropbox, Vanta, Postmates, Webflow, Stink Studios, Huge, Bitly, Petal, Grove Financial, Slate, NPR, Backdrop, Designer Fund, TheYes, Abstract, and Vox Media.