AIR is the First ERC-1919 Token, on Base. To address the pervasive issue of malicious actors and the potential for manipulation in token trading, we propose a transformative approach to token trading and exchange protocols. Despite the best intentions, it is impossible to completely trust any team to avoid manipulation or scams. Therefore, the solution lies in fundamentally altering the trading mechanism to eliminate the possibility of fraud. Our vision is an immutable, ultra-transparent, and unruggable protocol designed to ensure safe and fair token exchanges. This new kind of token protocol prevents scams, market manipulation, and the pitfalls of presales and venture capital investments, thereby fostering a more trustworthy trading environment. Introducing ERC-1919, a groundbreaking successor to ERC-20 and ERC-404, engineered to bring unparalleled transparency and security to the masses. This protocol is poised to revolutionize the token trading landscape by ensuring that safety and fairness are embedded by design. With ERC-1919, token trading is exclusively conducted through smart contracts, eliminating the need for decentralized exchanges (DEX) or liquidity pools (LP). To participate, users send native blockchain tokens to the contract and receive project-specific tokens in return. Conversely, they send project-specific tokens to receive native blockchain tokens.