Alexa Smith, Developer Partnerships at DFINITY.

Alexa Smith

Developer Partnerships at DFINITY.

Alexa Smith Introduction

Alexa (Beaver) Smith is Developer Partnerships at DFINITY. I believe that finding meaningful connections between people and ideas that are not obvious to the rest of the world is where the magic happens. The only way to do this is through listening, storytelling, and prioritizing openness over ownership — all of which are my M.O. I’ve spent my career listening and translating between the technical and non-technical, the analytical and the abstract. I have perfected this skill by gathering diverse perspectives and experiences through my work within startups, corporates, and research in a variety of industries in the US and abroad (and by studying improv comedy!). This approach has allowed me to invent and implement creative solutions, foster unlikely and powerful partnerships, and make even the craziest, big-picture ideas seem achievable. Currently, I manage our Developer Partner Program at DFINITY, supporting developers and entrepreneurs in building software and services on the Internet Computer. Previously, I led blockchain partnership and ecosystem development initiatives for both startups and enterprise. I founded BASF's Blockchain Lab and was a founding team member and Director of Market Development at Xpansiv. I have successfully launched several projects at the intersection of blockchain and impact, and I am passionate about the use of decentralization to catalyze positive social and environmental change.

Alexa Smith Work Experience