The Automated Crypto Hedge Fund.

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Alphr.Finance Introduction

Alphr.Finance, The Automated Crypto Hedge Fund. Alphr enables anyone to trade with the alpha of the most successful wallets in crypto. Buy when they buy, sell when they sell.

Alphr uses AMT (automated mirror trading) to mirror the trades of the most successful wallets based on historic returns.

Users can select from a plethora of the most successful crypto traders to mirror, based on their wallet DEX trade history. When a user selects a wallet to mirror, they then deposit funds into a smart contract pool and that routing smart contract will mirror all the trades of the selected investor wallet. Users can search any wallet and if a pool doesn’t exist a mirror pool can be created by the user.

Alphr can save users considerable gas fees by achieving economies of scale, due to funds being routed together a single transaction.

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