Amazing Blend of Crypto Index Investing and Yield Farming in One Protocol.

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Axia Introduction

Axia is an Amazing Blend of Crypto Index Investing and Yield Farming in One Protocol. It is a Index fund for enthusiasts looking for Smart Investments in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Axia Protocol is a Decentralized platform for Cryptocurrency Index Fund management which presents cryptocurrency enthusiasts/investors with opportunities of one-time investments in baskets of cryptocurrencies (Axia Funds) and reap rewards for doing so. On the platform, investors can pool funds in two major and trending niches within the blockchain ecosystem - Oracles and DeFI! The concept stems from the idea that investors can be saved a lot of time and energy searching for tokens to invest in for a portfolio.

Participants (Yield farmers and Lone stakers) will be rewarded with Axia Tokens daily for providing liquidity to Axia Balancer pools when they stake their Axia Fund Tokens (AFT) on the dapp. An additional reward for Liquidity Providers is that they will also earn BAL tokens from the weekly emissions being distributed to all LPs on the Balancer platform after AXIA and all the other tokens that make up the fund pools have been whitelisted to receive dividends in BAL.

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