BugRap, Web3 Bug Bounty Platform.


Web3 Bug Bounty Platform.


BugRap Introduction

BugRap is the Web3 Bug Bounty Platform. In the world of blockchain, project teams and users are constantly living in fear, whereby the BlackHat hackers are constantly targeting and exploring ways and possibilities to steal the digital assets or other valuable resources. Due to the lack of security in the blockchain ecosystem, the blockchain bug bounty program BugRap(Bug Reporting Award Platform) was born in November 2022. BugRap aims to create a safer space for everyone in the community. This program will foster a community to be more contributive on an incentive based. In turn, it will greatly enable a community of WhiteHat hackers. The security of the blockchain system will unquestionably be upgraded. By setting up BugRap bug bounty program, project teams can upload their projects and set the bounties. WhiteHat hackers in the community will be able to test the vulnerabilities of those projects. BugRap security team will assist project teams to fix the vulnerabilities with WhiteHat hackers. BugRap will also be acting as the middleman in relevant to the dispersion of the reward between the project team and the ethical hacker. Details of the vulnerabilities will be released upon the project teams'consent.