Chainsnap, Node Snapshots.


Node Snapshots.

Chainsnap Introduction

Chainsnap is the new service, powered by Ankr and Storj. It will drastically decrease the time and storage resources it takes to launch and sync blockchain nodes industry-wide for infrastructure providers, developers, and other web3 enterprises. The service is meant to decrease barriers to entry and promote decentralization by making it easier to set up and run nodes. Super fast downloads of up-to-date node snapshots to support decentralization and node providers. Storj is teaming up with Ankr to offer snapshots-as-a-service. With every passing day, it becomes harder for blockchains to remain decentralized as the storage requirements increase and more blocks must be downloaded and synced to launch nodes. For new node operators, syncing a node can take days or weeks.

Chainsnap Investors