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Coadjute is a property technology business headquartered in London. Our open network connects the parties involved in property transactions using blockchain, cutting the cost and increasing the speed of property deals. Backed by global VC investors and supported by major players in the property market, the network is being rolled out across the UK market. We’ve built a nationwide infrastructure for the property market, connecting buyers, sellers and property professionals with data, services, and each other. When you join the Coadjute network you enter a virtual deal room packed with powerful features. Collate property information, track progress, share digital ID, send messages and documents, even securely sign forms. Our solutions cut friction and risk throughout the process. The result: everyone involved in a property transaction, whether professional or home mover experiences a faster, easier and more transparent process, one that is digital end-to-end. And best of all, Coadjute uses open standards and is available to all, fostering industry collaboration and innovation, and and improving home moving for everyone. The future of the property market is here. Connect to Coadjute today.