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Coherent is core infrastructure that provides web3 data. We provide easy-to-use APIs that allow application developers to build rich user experiences with little effort. All of our enriched APIs provide truly useful datapoints for creating web3 applications - no more hard-to-read hashes, only human-readable data on wallets and users. Easy to use, simple to read. That’s our goal. Our APIs are centered around the core primitive in web3: the user's address. We make it easy to understand all of the activity of a user on chain, including balances and NFTs, on-chain credentials, you name it. The portability of a "user profile" across the internet is a key component of Web3, and your user data should follow you wherever you sign in with it. We build infrastructure that enables that user profile to be portable across applications with just a few API calls. To onboard the next billion users to crypto, UI/UX-friendly experiences will pave the way forward. And in order to build these experiences, platforms and products need enriched, descriptive context into what’s really happening. Instead of opaque bits of random hashes, developers should be able to instantly tell what on-chain activity a given transaction was tied to, and transform this crystal-clear information into wonderful, easy-to-use experiences. This is where Coherent comes in. Our multi-chain APIs for highly contextual, enriched blockchain user data fulfill all these needs.

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