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Cornucopias Game Chronicle is the premier community focused, cryptocurrency newswire for the Cornucopias Gaming Metaverse & NFT Marketplace. Where the possibilities are endless. Cornucopias is a sky-based open world that is set in the atmosphere above the Earth’s surface. It becomes clear that Earth’s ability to support the human race is quickly dwindling. Twelve scientists are tasked to come up with a solution to save the population. After discovering a new technology that’s able to create anti-gravity the scientists developed the idea of the sky domes. A plan was hatched to create 12 unique zones, each one containing 3 domes. Each zone would have a different theme inspired by the different cultures and periods of time we knew on Earth. The new world of Cornucopias is in its infancy and the citizens are just starting to figure out their role in this new world. The economy is just getting up and running with many questions remaining. Join in the experiment and discover where you fit into this new world.