Overwolf - CupherHunter


The guild for in-game creators.
MonkeyBall - CupherHunter


Turn-based, Play-to-Earn soccer game, based on Solana.
Rebel Bots - CupherHunter

Rebel Bots

Building the ultimate Play to Earn game - Xoil Wars!
Worldwide Webb - CupherHunter

Worldwide Webb

MMORPG metaverse game, interoperable pixel metaverse built on Ethereum.
IndiGG - CupherHunter


Sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games.
Steve Cho - CupherHunter

Steve Cho

Partner at Mechanism Capital.
nCORE Games - CupherHunter

nCORE Games

India's leading mobile game publishers.
Tap Fantasy - CupherHunter

Tap Fantasy

Come Tap for Golds!
DeflyBall - CupherHunter


The first-ever FlyBall Dogs Metaverse Racing Game on BSC.
Kingdom Karnage - CupherHunter

Kingdom Karnage

P2E trading card game.
ZONE - CupherHunter


The first gamefi ecosystem on Algorand. - CupherHunter

Discover good Gamefi projects.
MetaPortal - CupherHunter


A community of infinite players in the Metaverse.
PixelDapps - CupherHunter


Creating cool DApps on Near Protocol.
Chain Typing - CupherHunter

Chain Typing

Chain Typing on Near.
Galaxy Online - CupherHunter

Galaxy Online

Epic MMO with blockchain-based game races.
Shroom Kingdom - CupherHunter

Shroom Kingdom

Play-to-earn video game built on NEAR.
Space GOO - CupherHunter

Space GOO

An experimental game from Muse DAO.
Fictionspawn Games - CupherHunter

Fictionspawn Games

Games, Illustrations and Short Stories.
Gamee Studio - CupherHunter

Gamee Studio

Hearts and Souls Into Games.
Real Deal Guild - CupherHunter

Real Deal Guild

Give Filipinos economic opportunities through play-to-earn revolution.
Starbots - CupherHunter


The first-ever robot battle NFT Play-to-earn game with dogs being the main characters.
Ronin - CupherHunter


Ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity.
Codyfight - CupherHunter


Blockchain-powered P2E AI vs. human competition metaverse.
MetaGaming Guild - CupherHunter

MetaGaming Guild

A community of tactical gamers.
Galaxy War - CupherHunter

Galaxy War

Defi + Multichain space strategy classic NFT game.
Ertha - CupherHunter


Own NFT land in ERTHA metaverse and generate revenue!
Battle of Guardians - CupherHunter

Battle of Guardians

The First real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game.
Polemos - CupherHunter


The Pinnacle of Gaming.
DeFi Vader - CupherHunter

DeFi Vader

Blockchain Gaming Analyst.
Yield Guild Games - CupherHunter

Yield Guild Games

Play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.
MyCryptoHeroes - CupherHunter


Crypto Game made in Japan.
Andrew N. Green - CupherHunter

Andrew N. Green

SVP, Operations & Growth at Stillfront.
Treasure Tools - CupherHunter

Treasure Tools

Your companion to navigating Treasure, the Metaverse Bridgeworld.
ReadyPlayerDAO - CupherHunter


A DAO for The Players.
AcadArena - CupherHunter


Where students in Southeast Asia play, connect and earn!
StarSharks - CupherHunter


A Content-Fi Metaverse Like No Other.
Play Ventures - CupherHunter

Play Ventures

A new fund for early stage Blockchain & Metaverse Gaming.
Cosmic Guild - CupherHunter

Cosmic Guild

Play-to-Earn Community of Gamers.
FRACTAL - CupherHunter


In-game assets and virtual worlds.
Anton Bernstein - CupherHunter

Anton Bernstein

CEO at Pocket Worlds.
Mysten Labs - CupherHunter

Mysten Labs

Creating Foundational Infrastructure For Web3.0.
League of Kingdoms - CupherHunter

League of Kingdoms

MMO Strategy Game on Blockchain.
Elfin Kingdom - CupherHunter

Elfin Kingdom

Quests, Combats and More.
YGG SEA - CupherHunter


Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia.
BAYZ - CupherHunter


NFT Gaming Startup, Esports & Content Community HUB.
Rainmaker Games - CupherHunter

Rainmaker Games

Portal to the P2E world.
Guild W - CupherHunter

Guild W