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At EthXY, we seek to explore the cutting edge of crypto consumer products. Our thesis lies in minimizing friction of interface while maximizing the gratification per effort. Our latest product takes place strictly within the confines of a Telegram chat window. We wanted to stretch the boundaries of what was construed to be possible through a chat interface. We built a MMORPG on top of Telegram chat with poker combat mechanics. As you communicate with the chat at, you are treated to dynamic visualizations of your character. When you embark in combat, you see your character fighting another person's character. We believe one of the key factors for playable games is the ease of being able to pick up and put down while minimizing time impact. The most playable games are ones that you can pick up during spare times of the day. On your commute, waiting at the airport, taking a working break during the day. We believe a friction-free, compelling consumer experience is what will lead to crypto's greater adoption during this next cycle. We have implemented various innovations that make using Base as seamless as chatting on Telegram. For the user, they're simply interacting with the chat, while underneath the service, they're conducting all their games on-chain. It was thanks to Base's rich developer support and low transaction costs that enabled us to build this innovative experience on top. It is our prerogative to explore the raw crypto tech that's been built and turn it into approachable, compelling consumer experiences.

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