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We invest in crypto, SaaS, consumer, AR/VR around the world.

Global Coin Ventures Introduction

Global Coin Ventures often get approached by projects and crypto companies asking how to build a global presence. We are a globally minded investment team whom have spent over decades in Asia and the US. Building a brand globally is difficult, but building it in crypto is especially hard because the pace and direction in which the various regional ecosystems are developing are completely different. For example, in Asia, we see up and coming trends in STOs in Japan, defi and staking in Korea and China, and trading; whereas in the US we see ongoing regulatory conversations and decisions being pushed forward, and further technical development taking place. When we think about projects going to market globally, one successful business category that’s completely unrelated to crypto, but can potentially be helpful to look to for execution and go to market guidance — luxury brands. For many folks in the crypto space, brands like Chanel or Burberry may not mean anything, but if you look closely enough, their resemblance to crypto assets are noticeably more than just the visuals. Luxury products are often perceived as store or preservation of value, such as certain types of Birkin bag that can be resold for significantly more price than originally acquired. Additionally, tokens and blockchains, being inherently digital and abstract in nature, often can appear as a commodity to an uneducated retailer, whom then would rely on marketing, brand messaging and word of mouth storylines to decide on the token of their choice. This is also how a luxury brand differentiates from a lower-price point brand. As a result, what we found to be extremely useful are the strategies in which these luxury brands adopt and maintain their perceived value and acquire international customers; crypto projects often face similar challenges when growing international crypto communities as they interact with people from all different cultural and language backgrounds. Some of these brands’ playbook tactics to be so applicable and transferable in crypto.

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