gmgn supply co., Own the brands you use.

gmgn supply co.

Own the brands you use.

gmgn supply co. Introduction

gmgn supply co. is forming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by a community of builders, creators and brand fanatics. Our members share a vision of leveraging the positives of web 3.0 to drive the next generation of beloved brands. We are on a mission to build 100 community-owned Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. Our members will have the tools they need to help us succeed, and they will be rewarded for consumption, promotion and governance. We believe the +$2 trillion consumer packaged goods industry is broken and poised for disruption. Customer acquisition costs for traditional CPG conglomerates are rising while brand loyalty continues to wane. Using Web3 and the blockchain, we will reimagine the CPG industry with a business model that turns our community & customer into co-owners and brand evangelists. Our DAO will focus on community-driven marketing fueled by an automated system of token-based incentives. gmgn supply co.’s NFTs are membership keys in the parent gmgnDAO and product subDAOs. Our members will participate in an evolving system that progressively decentralizes decision-making. Membership will also come with a unique opportunity to share in returns directly linked to the revenue from products sold. Our 'Seasonal Produce & Bounties' system will ensure any revenue share is based on proof-of-work completed by members. In the short term, our focus will be on growing within the Web3 community. This group understands the value of NFTs and engaging memeable brands. Later, we will expand our market and tackle the mainstream direct-to-consumer and retail channels.

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